Page Of Cups 3. And immediately I started to think, realizing that the hour in which this vision appeared to me had been the fourth hour of that night, in other words the first of the last nine hours of night. ¶ “Behold your heart.”. The rest of La vita nuova is touch-starved, desperate for recognition and studded with Chris’ warm pining. It is an expression of the medieval genre of courtly love in a prosimetrum style, a combination of both prose and verse. I wrote pilgrims in the broader sense of the term, for the word pilgrims can be understood in two ways, one broad and one narrow: in the broad sense, a pilgrim is anyone who is outside his homeland; in the narrow sense pilgrim is used only for one who travels toward the home of Saint James or returns from it. In the third I tell what it sees, namely, a woman who is honored above; and I call it “pilgrim-spirit” since it goes above in spirit, and since there it is like a pilgrim who is away from his homeland. I tell you that she appeared so gracious and so lovely that those who gazed on her sensed within themselves a pure and gentle sweetness they could find no words to describe; nor could anyone look at her without having to sigh at once. And a little after these words, which my heart told me in Love’s own language, I saw a gracious lady coming toward me, noted for her beauty, and she was already very much the lady-queen of my best friend. So, inasmuch as your secret is, in fact, somewhat known to her because it has been in use so long, I want you to compose a poem in which you discuss the hold that I have on you because of her, and how you were hers from the start, ever since your childhood. The second part begins, “And since I well remember”; the third, “And as I talk of her.”. After this strange transfiguration, a harsh thought came over me and hardly ever left; in fact it continually reproached me. Nine times, the heaven of the light had returned to where it was at my birth, almost to the very same point of its orbit, when the glorious lady of my mind first appeared before my eyes—she whom many called Beatrice without even knowing that was her name. Then I wrote the sonnet which begins, “So open and so self-possessed.”. She had already been in this life long enough for the heaven of the fixed stars to have moved toward the east a twelfth of a degree since she was born, so that she was at the beginning of her ninth year when she appeared to me, and I saw her when I was almost at the end of my ninth. Perhaps a still subtler person would see a subtler reason in this, but this is the one that I see and that I like the most. I imagined that I was looking toward the sky, and I seemed to see a multitude of angels ascending, and they had in front of them a little pure-white cloud. In the first I ask in the way the wish to ask came over me; in the other I give their response, taking what I heard them saying as if they had responded to me. And the more I thought about it, the more I felt I had taken on a theme that was over my head; and I didn’t dare to begin. “However, if you repeat anything I have been telling you, say it so no one guesses that the love you have expressed for this woman and that you must now express for another is a fiction.” And once these words were spoken, this imagining of mine vanished all of a sudden, through the fullness of himself which Love seemed to give me; and somewhat changed in appearance, I continued riding along that day, preoccupied and with my frequent sighs for company. I said Love since my face showed so many signs of him that disguising it wasn’t possible. People, I’ve been sad 2. Many said, before she had passed, “She is no mere mortal woman; rather, she is one of the beautiful angels in heaven.” And others said, “She is a marvel; may the Lord be blessed who knows how to work such miracles!”. behold, and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow,” and to ask them to be patient enough to hear me out. We present you the lyrics and the translation of La Vita Nuova, a news song created by Christine And The Queens taken from the album 'La vita nuova - EP' published on Thursday 12 November 2020. In the first part I tell why I am moved to compose the poem; in the second I tell whom I wish to address it to; in the third I tell what I wish to talk about. We’re curious, since the goal of such a love must be unusual, to say the least.”, After these words, not only she but all the other women there were poised for my response. In the first I specify the people among whom this woman appeared most marvelous; in the second I say how gracious her company was; in the third I say what effects she brought about in others by means of her power. No sooner did I make this suggestion than I thought I sensed the appearance of a marvelous trembling that started on the left side of my chest and spread rapidly throughout my entire body. Courage 9. I disappear in your arms (bonus) And once my crying had eased a little, I took refuge in my room, where I could weep without being heard; and there, calling on the mercy of the lady of benevolence and grace, and saying, “Love, help your faithful one!” I fell asleep crying like a little boy who’d been beaten. In the fourth, again naming the addressees of my poem, I state my reason for addressing them. Lyrics La vita nuova The Lyrics for La vita nuova by Christine and the Queens feat. Therefore it would do no good for me to explain such obscurity, since the explanation would be vain or superfluous. And he was such a close blood relation of the glorious one that nobody was closer to her. And if someone chose to admonish me for this—that I do not transcribe here the words that follow upon the ones cited—I excuse myself because my intention from the beginning was to transcribe only the vernacular; so that, since the words following the ones cited are all in Latin, it would be contrary to my intention if I were to transcribe them. Then when I say, “Departed is she, Beatrice,” I discuss her. The first is a proem; in the second part I discuss her; in the third I mournfully address the canzone. In one I say that all my sighs were talking as they came out; in the second I say that some were saying certain words different from the others. So, leaving it behind, I will add that my lady came to such renown that not only was she honored and praised but many other women were honored and praised on her account. Then I composed these two sonnets, the first of which begins, “Cry, lovers,” the second, “Barbarous Death.”, This first sonnet is divided into three parts. Because of the expression on my face many people had guessed the secret in my heart. And not many years have passed since these vernacular poets first appeared; for to write rhymes in the vernacular is as valid, mutatis mutandis, as writing verses in Latin. And then I wrote this sonnet, which begins, “With other women.”. And I gathered together the names of sixty of the most beautiful women of the city where my lady was put by the supreme Lord, and I composed an epistolary poem in the form of a serventese, which I will not write down here. And when she was about to give me her greeting, a spirit of love, destroying all the other spirits of the sensitive soul, would drive out the weak spirits of sight, telling them, “Go now to honor your lady”; and he would take their place. In the first I speak about the nobility of her soul, describing some of the effects that its powers have; in the second I speak about the nobility of her body, describing some of its beauties, beginning with, “Love says of her.”, The second part is further divided into two. With illustrations by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (English, 1828 - 1882). Our archive is totally free and at your disposal. The first is that I often felt terrible when my memory set my fantasy in motion to imagine what Love was turning me into. When I was right in front of them and could see that that most gracious of women wasn’t there, feeling more relaxed I greeted them and asked how I might be of service. And so I wrote this canzone, “A woman green in years, compassionate,” structured as will be made clear in the division below. After this canzone was written, a man came to me who, in degree of friendship, is the friend of mine right after the first. And when this lovely salve offered me her salutation, Love by no means tempered the unbearably powerful bliss that came over me; rather, by an almost excessive delight it became such that my body, which by then was totally dominated by him, moved like a heavy, inanimate object. At which point I felt more anguish than my light sleep could sustain, and I woke. In this way she will come to see your intentions, and seeing them, she will understand the words of the people who are misinformed. La Vita Nuova (pronounced [la ˈviːta ˈnwɔːva]; Italian for "The New Life") or Vita Nova (Latin title) is a text by Dante Alighieri published in 1294. The Last Boy 11. After they had gone, I went back to my work of drawing the figures of angels. Héloïse Letissier, known as Christine and the Queens, and, more recently, Chris is a French singer-composer-pianist. Under this heading I find the words which I intend to copy down in this little book; if not all of them, at least their essential meaning. And at that point may whoever has such doubts here, or wishes to object in this manner, understand what is said here. Buy This Book While I was crying I decided to write a poem about her death, in honor of the fact that I had seen her sometimes with my lady. In the third I specify what I might say about her that wouldn’t be inhibited by my lack of courage. And I seemed to see women walking along with their hair all loose, crying as they went, in extraordinary pain. There were lots of women, and several of them were laughing together. Afterward, a few days later, it happened that a painful illness came over a certain part of my body, so I was in bitter pain for nine days in a row, which reduced me to such a weak condition that I had to stay put like a paralytic. Right Down To The Heart Of London 6. Ceann Bró 10. La vita nuova (English: The New Life) is an extended play by French singer-songwriter Christine and the Queens.The EP was released digitally alongside an accompanying short film on 27 February 2020 through Because Music, with CD and vinyl versions following on 29 May 2020.A double 7" containing two of the EP's tracks and a piano version of each was released on Record Store Day. And I say this so others may not wonder why I have cited it above like a preamble to the new material that follows. After writing this sonnet a marvelous vision appeared to me, in which I saw things that made me decide not to say anything more about this blessed lady until I was capable of writing about her more worthily. In the first I speak about Love as potentiality; in the second I speak about him as potentiality made actual. In the first I mean to call on Love’s faithful, with those words of the prophet Jeremiah: “O is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by? This is one reason. Caroline Polachek) 6. In the first I state whom I want to talk about—my lady—and my reason for speaking. / I must perform it.” This same poet has an inanimate thing talk to animate things, in book III of the Aeneid: “Tough sons of Dardanus.” Through Lucan, animate thing talks to inanimate thing: “Much, Rome, do you owe, nevertheless, to the civil war.” Through Horace, man speaks to his own knowledge as if to another person, and they are not only Horace’s words but he writes paraphrasing the good Homer, in this passage of his poetry: “Tell me, Muse, about the man.” Through Ovid, Love speaks as if he were a human being, at the beginning of his book called The Cure for Love: “It’s war, you declare against me, I see, it’s war.” And this should clarify things to whoever is in doubt over a certain part of this little book. In the first I say what certain women, and one in particular, said and did because of my fantasy before I had returned to consciousness and truth. One part I call the heart, that is, appetite; the other I call the soul, that is, reason. From then on, I swear that Love dominated my soul, which was wedded to him so early, and began to rule me with such confidence and power, by means of the force my imagination lent him, there was no choice but for me to do whatever he wanted. And since thanks to this account the sonnet is quite clear, I will not divide it. In the first I call upon and urge Love’s faithful to cry, and I say that their lord is crying; and I say, “listen why he laments” to make them more disposed to listen to me. Then, letting out a great sigh, I told myself: “There is no escaping the fact that the most gracious Beatrice will have to die some day.” As a result, such powerful turmoil came over me that I closed my eyes and started to suffer like someone in a delirium, imagining things. I started to consider what manner and style I might use, and thought that it wouldn’t be fitting to talk about her without addressing my words to other women—and not just to any women but to those who are noble and gracious. And after he had looked at me for a while, it seemed that he sighed and called me, saying: “Fili mi, tempus est ut pretermictantur simulacra nostra.”**, Then it seemed that I recognized him, since he was calling me the way he had often called me in my dreams; and as I looked at him it seemed that he was crying piteously and was waiting for me to say something. How is she become a widow, she that was great among the nations!” I was still engaged with this canzone, and had completed the above stanza, when the Lord of Justice called this most gracious of women to glory under the banner of that blessed queen the Virgin Mary, whose name was held in utmost reverence in the words of this beatified Beatrice. La Vita Nuova serves as an important precursor to Dante's masterpiece, The Divine Comedy.This edition is the English translation by Dante Gabriel Rossetti from the original Italian. And then I wrote the sonnet, which opens: “Come and take notice of my every sigh.” It has two parts: in the first I call upon Love’s faithful that they might listen to me; in the second I recount my miserable condition. And she seemed young, roughly the same age as when I first saw her. After the vision described above, having written all that Love dictated to me, several contending thoughts started to assail and test me, each of them impossible to fend off. The first part is divided into three. And as we sometimes see rain mixing with delicate snow, just so it seemed to me I heard their words fill the air, blended with sighs. This is the list of 6 songs contained into the album. The third says how, once he had been with me like this a little while, I saw and heard certain things. I divide this into two parts. Make it so that your words are a kind of intermediary, so that you do not speak to her directly, which would not be proper. In the first I say how this woman transforms potentiality into act in accordance with those sublime eyes of hers; in the third I say the same in accordance with that sublime mouth of hers. The second part begins: “And if you come.”. The second part begins, “The women with her”; the third, “her beauty’s so abrim.” This last part is divided into three. The second part begins: “Not, surely, by my merit’s.”, After the departure of this gracious woman, it was the pleasure of the Lord of angels to call into her glory a young woman who was so gracious in her appearance and very much esteemed in the above-named city, and whose body I saw bereft of its soul among many women who were crying pitifully. This is the list of 6 songs contained into the album. At that time, truly, I say, the vital spirit, which dwells in the innermost chamber of the heart, started to tremble so powerfully that its disturbance reached all the way to the slightest of my pulses. In the book of my memory—the part of it before which not much is legible—there is the heading Incipit vita nova. La Vita Nuova by Maria McKee, released 13 March 2020 1. Caroline Polachek have been translated into 1 languages Voglio che tu mi tocchi con la tua rabbia Voglio che tu mi tocchi con il tuo furore Questa è la rinuncia della tua vergogna